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Osho on Love, Food for the Soul 

Osho on Loving Yourself: A man who loves himself takes the first step towards real love. 

Our love is a relationship. And when love is a relationship, it creates misery. When love is a state of being, it creates bliss. A Buddha is also in love, but he is not trying to love you. Simply because of the way he is, love spreads. Love becomes a perfume and goes to the far comers of the earth. Love is a natural kind of meditation. And meditation is a supernatural kind of love.

Become a language of love. Facts are okay, but just okay; they donít make life a rejoicing, they donít create celebration. They can give you a better standard of life but they cannot give you a new passion for life, they cannot give you intensity of life. They cannot give you quality; they can only give you quantity. Only the language of love starts penetrating you through a different dimension, through the vertical dimension.




Osho on Love

Osho on Love, Lovers, Silence as a Language of Lovers: Language is for non-lovers, those who are not in love. For lovers, silence is enough language. Without saying anything, they go on speaking.

Osho quotes on Love at Inhale Love: Nobody can teach you love. Love you have to find yourself, within your being, by raising your consciousness to higher levels.


If you are to love, then love something of the divine,
something that transcends things,
something that transcends forms,
something for which you will have to
raise your eyes to the sky.


Deep contentment is the visible sign of love.
Whenever a person is in love, he is in deep contentment. Love cannot be seen, but contentment, the deep satisfaction around himÖ his every breath, his every movement, his very being Ė content.